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With laser iridotonomy (Nd:YAG laser, Argon laser), an opening is created in the iris, allowing the passage of intraocular fluid to the anterior part of the eye, thereby creating a pressure balance in the anterior and posterior parts of the eye, reducing the increased intraocular pressure to the normal level, reducing severe pain and repetitive pain. is the process of preventing attacks.

In people who have had cataract surgery, the membrane behind the lens placed in the eye becomes dull over time. This dulling causes a slow decrease in vision. The patient feels as if the cataract is starting again. After enough time has passed from the surgery, this dullness should be removed with the application of YAG laser (capsulotomy).

YAG laser application is actually a light therapy and it is possible to apply it to the eye without contact with any device or instrument. It is a procedure that takes seconds and is completely painless. The application is done while the patient is sitting in the examination chair.

In the treatment of some types of glaucoma (eye pressure), iridotomy with YAG laser is performed to reduce eye pressure. This process is the creation of a millimetric opening in the iris tissue that gives the eye its color.

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