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Excimer Laser | What is Eye Drawing?

Antalya Excimer Laser Treatment, with laser or a different surgical intervention to be applied by Eye Surgery Antalya, which has the best eye surgeons in Antalya, we save the person from wearing glasses and achieve distance and near vision without glasses.Due to the difficulties of using prescription glasses or lenses, over time, people want to stop using glasses or contact lenses for physical or emotional reasons.This intervention is popularly known as Antalya Eye Draw surgery. This surgical procedure is called refractive surgery in the medical literature.In which diseases is Antalya Excimer laser (eye drawing surgery) used?Such surgeries can be performed in people with low and moderate myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, and strabismus.Antalya Excimer Laser treatment (Antalya laser eye surgery) is the most suitable treatment for people with moderate refractive errors and no unusual vision problems.With the Antalya Excimer laser method, visual disturbances are eliminated, eye numbers change, patient complaints are eliminated.

How is Antalya Excimer Laser applied?

Antalya is the most suitable candidate for excimer laser procedures for patients aged 20-35 who are myopic between -1 and -6 (there may also be some astigmatism, -2 or even -3) and suitable eye structure.In the period between 35-45 years, patients in this group should be treated more carefully, since near vision problems are involved.It is important to direct the expectation of the person to the right treatment in the period between the ages of 40-45.Other options come to the fore in patients over the age of 45. Antalya excimer laser procedures are not preferred, especially because vision problems occur soon. Because with these procedures, it is not possible to correct both near and far in a healthy way.Antalya Excimer Laser Treatment With the LASIK (Laser – Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) method, the cornea is reshaped and visual defects are corrected.With this method, which has been applied for years, visual defects are eliminated painlessly, painlessly and in a very short time.It is applied by dripping a few drops of anesthetic before the operation.All patients over the age of 18, in the age group of 20-35, patients with -1 to -6 myopia (there may be some astigmatism, -2 or even -3 numbers) and suitable eye structure are the most suitable patients for excimer laser procedures. are candidates.You can start work the next day after the application. Excimer laser treatment gives successful results, provided that the drugs given to the patient are used regularly and the patient’s control is not disrupted. Blurring of vision, burning and watering are normal for up to 6 hours after the operation, and the complaints are eliminated with the application of eye drops.  

2023 Antalya Excimer Laser Price?

Since the price policy is determined in line with the needs of the patient and the experience of the treating physician, a price can be given to the patient after the examination.If you wish, you can get detailed information from our communication channels and our Whatsapp Support line.
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hfhfh Ffff
hfhfh Ffff
Я поехал в Анталию чтобы отдохнуть, и у меня очень удачно все сложилось, во время отдыха я сделал операцию на глаза в клинике lazer göz. Я очень доволен и клиникой , и персоналом и результатами операции! Очень рекомендую всем, особенно тем, кто хочет совместить и отдых и лечение! Спасибо большое....
Baki Kocabaşa
Baki Kocabaşa
Ich habe mich wegen der Katarakterkrankung meines Vaters bei Eye Surgery Antalya beworben. Die Operation wurde mit hohen Qualitätsstandards und mit Geräten der neuesten Technologie durchgeführt. Es war für uns bei Price/ Performance gut gefallen. Die Operation war am Ende erfolgreich und wir hätten keine Nebenwirkungen gehabt. Vielen Dank!
No-touch lazer uygulaması ile gözlerim eskisinden daha net görmeye başladı. Eye surgery antalya koordinatörüne yardım ve yönlendirmelerinden ötürü teşekkür ederim.
Mustafa Karaaslan
Mustafa Karaaslan
Babamın katarakt ameliyatı için tedavimi sorunsuz yaptırdım. Katarakt tedavisi için eyesurgeryantalya ailesine ve Mustafa işlek hocama teşekkür ederiz.

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