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Massage is the first treatment method for tear duct obstruction in babies. Here, there is a membranous blockage in the part where the tear duct opens to the nose.

In order to remove this blockage, it is necessary to apply a pressure by massaging from the sac to the place of congestion in the nose.

We ask parents to apply this at least 10 times, 3 times a day. In case of infection, it is necessary to prevent infection by giving antibiotic drops.

If the treatment is not concluded within a year and the tear duct obstruction is not cleared, then a procedure called probing is applied.

Here, thin metals are passed through the tear duct system and transmitted to the nose and this membranous blockage in the nose is eliminated.

If this does not improve, probing can be applied again. Or, the blood can be opened by using silicone tubes.

If no success is achieved in these applications up to the age of 4, then tear duct occlusion surgeries in babies, which are performed in adults after the age of 4, can be performed in children.

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