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The eyeball is usually shorter than normal. These patients see close. they struggle. Rarely, it is due to a corneal defect or the lens being thinner than normal. Normally, all children are born with moderate hyperopia. However, as the child grows, hyperopia improves. This hyperopia is not a problem in children, since the adaptation (flexing) of the lens is high.
Hypermetropia may be associated with spam in children, especially when it is high. Children with high hyperopia may over-tighten their eye muscles to see up close. This can make the introversion obvious. The cause of hyperopia is usually hereditary. The patient may have a headache and apathy towards reading.
In hyperopia, the image falls behind the yellow dot (vision point).

What is myopia?

Myopia is a clear vision disorder as a result of focusing the rays in front of the visual point in the ratina due to various reasons. The most common cause of myopia is that the anterior posterior diameter of the eye is longer than normal. The lens (eye lens) being swollen from normal is another cause of Myopia.
In myopia, distant objects cannot be seen clearly. Myopia is often inherited and usually appears in childhood. As the body grows, the anterior posterior length of the eye also increases, thus Myopia also increases. Myopia is rarely due to the shape of the lens or cornea (front clear layer).

What is phakic iol Treatment?

It is a preferred method in patients who cannot have EXCIMER LASER due to high refractive error (myopia, hyperopia) or because of thinness of the cornea.

Very high degrees of myopia (-25.00 D) can be corrected with this treatment method. FAKIC IOL IMPLANTATION and EXCIMER LASER and/or ASTIGMATIC KERATOTOMY can be applied together to correct higher refractive errors and astigmatism.

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