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Keratoconus Disease

The eye has 2 lenses, the first of which is the lens called the lens, and the second is the cornea in the anterior part of the eye, which forms the retinal layer of the eye. The disease is the development of high astigmatism and myopia due to the forward tapering of the transparent layer of the eye (cornea). Due to this forward tapering of the cornea, thinning occurs in the cornea. The disease is progressive and occurs during adolescence. Patients often may not be aware of the disease until they have severe vision loss. The first picture below shows the normal eye, and the second one shows the eye with keratoconus.

The exact cause of keratoconus is unknown. It is known to cause heredity and continuous mechanical impacts to the eye. Wearing hard contact lenses causes the progression of the disease. Patients with thin corneas are in the risk group. The disease can be treated at any stage. However, as it is delayed, the disease becomes more difficult and the success in treatment decreases. The most important findings of the disease; It is a constantly increasing astigmatism and accordingly increasing visual impairment. Inability to achieve full vision despite increasing the number of glasses, Increased sensitivity to light, Continuous itching and discomfort in the eye. Each time the patient goes to the doctor, the number of glasses increases. In 96% of the patients, both eyes are involved, but the two eyes do not progress at the same rate. The course of the disease cannot be predicted in advance, it may show pauses from time to time. The diagnosis of the disease begins with the physician’s suspicion of high astigmatism during a simple eye examination. The curvatures of the corneal layer of the hospital are measured and the definitive diagnosis is made with the corneal topography, that is, the map.

Corneal Typography and corneal map are shown above. Colors vary according to corneal thickness and shape. The only treatment to stop keratoconus is cross-inking treatment. Therefore, early diagnosis is very important. Giving glasses and wearing hard contact lenses in the course of the disease are done to improve the patient’s visual quality. In more advanced stages, a ring can be placed on the patient’s cornea. The purpose of wearing the ring is to reduce the number of glasses and increase the quality of vision. In a more advanced stage, the patient is given a corneal transplant.

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